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Which is best for burning fat quickly: Yoga vs Cardio

Which is best for burning fat quickly: Yoga vs Cardio.

We live a world where choosing an unhealthy life is just a click away. Be it ordering a pizza or getting groceries delivered instead of walking to the nearby store. And so it’s even more important to burn that extra fat which might cause major problems in future. Though it’s much easier to live an unhealthy life than making a decision to be healthy. After this difficult decision, you need to choose how to burn that extra fat from so many options. These options include many forms of Yoga, Cardio, gym, dance etc. 

It’s almost impossible to compare all of them together at the same time. Let’s talk about the two which are played against each other from time to time i.e. Yoga and Cardio. Just remember it’s not about which on is best more like which suits your needs better and will give you the results you want in your body and life.

What does one mean by burning fat or fat loss?

Fats are one of the three main macronutrients that our body requires for functioning. They are the most energy dense making them most efficient form of energy storage.  Though when we have excess of fat, they form a layer in our body and we start to gain fat. Excess of which is not good for our body.

Now, when your start ditching this layer of fat, it means you’re decreasing calories and increasing the burn. Which means fat loss is happening. It can only occur when more calories are burned than consumed.

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Yoga Vs Cardio

Let’s compare them both got advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get a basic understanding of both these forms.

Yoga is perhaps the most ancient form of exercise to exist. It is an ancient way of living that helps to keep the mind and body sharp and in control. It consists of pranayama and asanas which means breathing exercises and poses respectively.

Cardio exercise is any exercise that raises one’s heart rate. Cardio is for the the movement of the entire body keeping it in shape and making it stronger.

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How to compare?

Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance are very important for a healthy and fit body. For increasing strength one must basically be ready to push their current ability and force themselves. They have to adapt by doing more than their body (for burning fat loss) can allow at any given time. Endurance on the other hand means being able to sustain an activity for longer periods of time. Again with pushing limits and increasing your stamina. Both these things are important but not interrelated. Strength might help in increasing endurance but endurance does very little to boost strength.

Cardio is very beneficial with increasing endurance but no strength is increased whereas Yoga increases both strength and endurance. Even doing just sun salutations every day for six months can significantly increase strength and endurance. This is more than what cardio can offer.

Mental Health

Both Yoga and Cardio lead to good mental health by releasing certain hormones in our body. They cause happiness and increases self-esteem. They reduce depression, burning fat, anxiety, stress etc. Therefore just improving the overall composition of the body.it was important to mention the fact that both Yoga and Cardio have a positive effect on your mental health as there are many misconceptions about them. 

There is one tiny difference between the two though. Cardio causes immediate satisfaction and a rush of positive energy. But it can wear off easily especially when you discontinue doing it. On the other hand Yoga provides long term benefits. Even after you discontinue Yoga its effects doesn’t get worn easily and provide a good mental and emotional health.

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Age groups

The oldest Yoga recorded by Guinness book of world record is 85 years old, suffice to say that anyone can practice Yoga no matter their age or ailment, if any. Even when a person is suffering from a health issue there are some Yoga poses which are made just for those problems only. They not only help them exercise but also cures the problem, whereas Cardio is not something that can be done by all, especially of suffering from some major problems. These issues include limited mobility, joint problems, etc. for these intense Cardio is big no though lighter forms like walking can be practiced but it is not that effective in fat loss.


Well, this is something most you might already know , Cardio burns fat immediately for as long as you continue doing it whereas Yoga burns it slowly and has long term effects which stays after stopping Yoga as well.


Cardio exercise keeps the entire body active, it is great for your heart and burns calories at the same time. Cardio burns around 600 calories per hour, depending on your rate of movement. Similarly there are various studies that show that Yoga practices like vinyasa, hatha, and lyengar reduced risk factors including body weight, high blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol. 

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology says that Yoga may be just as beneficial as cycling, swimming, and brisk walking for reducing your risk factors for heart disease. Nevertheless, doing Cardio five days a week for just even an hour helps to burning fat, you can burn more fats and reduce kilos than Yoga under the same circumstances. This proves that when it comes to fat loss, Cardio is the winner, at least in the short run.

What to do then?

Since here you are looking a way to burn fat quickly as suggested by the title, the correct answer for this purpose would be Cardio. The reason the being Cardio even though a little less effective then Yoga in long run shows effects fast and can help you burn fat quickly and give you the desired results at a fast pace.

Caution: If you have any medical problems then maybe you should consult a doctor before actually picking out any exercise for yourself. Maybe, choose Yoga instead of Cardio, especially if age or ailment is a factor.

Once you have your desired body and have lost enough of that fat, you can always start with Yoga as it is more beneficial if done for long period of time. It involves a lot of stretching, which helps in building and prevents injury during more vigorous exercises. Yoga also helps in targeting and toning specific muscle groups while strengthening them. It is more sustainable way to work out as inculcates so much more. 

Best Cardio Exercises to burn fat

Cardio exercise consist a wide range of exercises from walking to swimming, though not all of them are as efficient as the other. All of them have their own purposes and motives, therefore it is important to find the right for yourself. We have established that Cardio is the best way to quickly burn fat, it becomes necessary to find out the most powerful exercises to get the best results. 

Here is a list of 5 best ones to start with the journey of fat loss:

  1. Running

It remains the most popular and effective method for burning fat and numerous other benefits which comes with running daily.

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  1. Cycling 

Not this is a form of exercise which not only reduces fat quickly but is also cost efficient and environment friendly.

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  1. Swimming

This is an exercise which involves the entire body and is amazing for toning the body and reducing body fat.

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  1. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope provides a great aerobic workout if done correctly. It is great for the calves and shoulders, as it works these muscle groups quite vigorously. 

  1. HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the newer and more effective ways to burn body fat. 

So, get ready to burn that extra fat and reduce that fat!

Also, do not forget that, no exercise or Cardio would be effective if not practised with proper diet because exercise only account for 30% of your weight loss so if you want to lose those kilos, eat fit!


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