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What are some of the Amazing Benefits of Eating Apple

An apple is the most commonly found Benefits of Eating Apple and one of the most nutritious fruit. It is easily found in every part of the world without any hard work. It is basically a world fruit and is loved by all around the world. As much as we all love apples, we also know how healthy and nutritious it is for our body. All us of almost every day comes across the most popular saying which is;” an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, indeed it works in many ways to improve the health of our body that is why it is a know fact and a famous saying which is known to one and all. 

 How apple can benefit each and every part of our body like:

  • Hearth
  • Brain
  • Stomach
  • Skin
  • Hair

Let’s begin with heart first:

Benefits of apple for our heart

Apples help and benefits heart health in many ways. Apples are high in fiber which helps lower cholesterol in our body which directly helps to Provide benefits of Eating Apple helps in the good functioning of the heart. They also have polyphenols which helps lower the blood pressure in our body which directly leads to having less risk of stroke.

Benefits of APPLE

 It is said that two apples a day keeps heart diseases away.

Benefits of apple for our brain

Several studies show that apples are good for our brain health too as it helps in decreasing the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Apples are the major source of quercetin it is an antioxidant plant chemical which helps to keep the mental juices flowing and protecting the brain cells.

Benefits of apple for our stomach

Apples contain a type of fiber known as pectin which works as prebiotic. Prebiotics are helpful in keeping the good bacteria in the gut. This fiber goes to the colon and helps in promoting the growth of good bacteria. there is no proven fact on whether we should eat the apple on an empty stomach or with or after meals it is okay to eat whenever you feel like.

Benefits of apple for our skin

Apples have antioxidant qualities which helps in fixing cells and tissue damage. Apples contains a large amount of elastin and collagen which helps the skin to look tight and young or we can say it has anti-ageing qualities. There are many beneficial face masks you can make at home with apple which can be very helpful for your skin.  By adding oatmeal and mixing other helping ingredients with apple can work as a great exfoliating mask for the skin.

Benefits of apple for our hair

As I have discussed earlier as well it has great benefits for the skin and hair, it is because apples contain vitamin c and vitamin b in it which helps in strengthening the hair, nails  as it helps in speeding up the skin cell production.

Eating Apple

We all are well aware of the diffrent varieties of apple available in the marketplace. There is red apple, yellow, green etc. however there is not much difference in the qualities of these apples. Compared with the red one we can say that green has more amount of vitamin A than red ones. We have named the types according to the colors but there is varieties based on different names as well. Royal gala, honey crisp. Granny smith etc. different names are given to differently produced apples in various different regions. 

Let’s talk about overall health benefits of apples.

  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It is good for the heart.
  • They help in preventing the risk of diabetes.  
  • Helps in preventing the risk of heart disease.
  • helps promoting the health of stomach with good bacteria.
  • It helps prevent cancer.
  • It has some qualities and compounds which helps to fight asthma.
  • Helps to relieve constipation and diarrhea.
  • Makes the bones stronger. 
  • It increases the brain power.
  • It has cleansing agents which give brighter smile and healthier gums.
Ways of Eating Apple

Different ways to eat apples

Being a fruit, it provides us with variety of ways in which we can eat an apple. It can be taken in liquid form as well as in solid form.

List of easiest ways to eat apples: 

  • Can be taken as a whole with or without the skin.
  • Use juicer and make apple juice.
  • Apple slices.
  • Roasted apples.
  • Fruit chat.
  • Apple pie.
  • Apple cake.
  • Apple soda.
  • Baked apple
  • Apple with ice cream.
Benefits Of Apple

Speaking about ways to eat apples as discussed above eating raw apple with or without the skin is the easiest way to eat an apple. Some prefers the skin and some doesn’t but Benefits of Eating Apple one should know that the skin contains the fiber like any other fruit apples fiber is present in its skin the most. All of us prefers to have fruits juice as well and if it comes to apples to make its juice is the easiest since apples are soft which makes it easy to blend it. 

Apple cut in slices this is another way to have it with or without the skin when we care to share the fruits rather than eating it as a whole, we cut it into slices and makes it possible for more people to eat. If not for sharing some prefers to have it in slices rather than having it as a whole. 

Roasted apples are easy to make and with some addition of other ingredients in it becomes rather tastier and crispier. 

Fruit chat is one of the easiest ways of having apples and other fruits as well. As the name suggests fruit chat is mix of not just apple but other variety of fruits as well, Benefits of Eating Apple it completely depends on the choice of the eater. Just some fruits with some spices in it makes it sour to taste and full of flavour.

Apple pie is one of the oldest and commonly found dessert made of apples. It is easily available all around the world and lots of people loves having it. 

Apple cake is another way of having the apple in a shape of a sweet tasty loved by all cake. As we can make cake with lot of things we can also make cake with apples it will be called a fruit cake. Apples gives a very fresh texture and adds taste to the cake.

Apple soda is a very easy to make drink where all you need is apple, soda and may be salt of sugar according to the needs. Adding a little bit of mint to it wont harm and will give the drink a very fresh taste it’s a must have drink fir the summers preferably.

Benefits of Eating Apple Bakes apples are yummy, it completely how one needs the taste to be like and can do the experiment with the dish as per their own taste.

Apples with ice creams is another simplest way of having an apple with a kick od ice cream. It gives the apple and the ice cream a different taste making the dish very interesting and tasty.

Everyone has a hidden chef in him or her we just need to explore it, by saying this I mean we all can do our type of experiment with the dishes spoken about above like by adding different ingredient or creating a whole different dish using apples as now we all are well aware of its qualities and health benefits.

Since we have been speaking about different ways to eat an apple we should always keep one thing in our minds which is having an apple raw has much more nutrition in it than having it as a dish baked, cooked or made with something else in it.  One should always prefer to have the apple raw as raw apple has all the nutrition intact in it than when we have it cooked it still give us all the needed nutrition but comparatively its lesser than the raw apple.

Speaking about weight loss

Nowadays we all want to be thin and thinner we all are becoming more cautious day be day about our health and why not in today’s world we need to be well aware Benefits of Eating Apple that one should live the life being fit so, speaking about weight loss apples can be a helpful ingredient to add into your diet if you are planning to lose some of your weight. But excess of everything is bad right?! Just like that, having a lot of everything can has its disadvantages similarly having a lot of apple can lead to weight gain as well.

Immune system

Yes, as strong immunity is the main goal of each and every individual on this planet right now, we should know that apples help in boosting the immune system. As discussed above now we know that apples are great source of fiber and it has natural sugars in it and its skin contains quercetin that helps in boosting the immune system and reduces inflammation and with the presence of vitamins and antioxidants in it helps in the body’s immune response. 

Coming to the conclusion

we spoke about how beneficial an apple a day for you can be. Just like the age old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away indeed. I have discussed with you all the health benefits of eating apples and the conclusion would be it helps the body in every way. From giving a healthy gut to a healthy brain, skin, heart and what not. It also decreases the risk of having cancer. Hypertension, cholesterol and asthma, from internal to external benefits, it helps the skin from ageing.

Without any further delay we all should start having one apple per day. We can start the day with one or can squeeze having one in between the meals or we can just have a full apple while having a walk or while chatting it’s this easy. There is no fixed time to have something healthy it’s all about adding one apple to your diet plan. Because now you know it can surely do wonders to your body and by wonders I means it can actually save one and all from lot of health issues we are or we can face in our lives.


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