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Protein shakes with milk or water for weight loss bodybuilding

Protein shakes with milk or water for weight loss bodybuilding. We all want a slim figure. Everybody wants to have that figure that he or she can show off to others. So quite naturally we end up in the gym. The gym helps us to come in shape but the gym too can help up to a maximum level. After some time of gym we all need certain kind of supplement or protein shakes. Which help us to come in shape preferably a bit faster than the normal workout can do.

Bodybuilding supplements or protein shakes are dietary supplements which we normally take along with our work out session or gym session to bring our body in the shape that too as fast as possible. These kinds of supplement not only help to be in shape but also they have many other works. They even help us to remain fit and healthy.

Even though too much of bodybuilding supplement is not good. But like any other thing this too has its pros and cons. It increases muscle, body weight and reduce the percentage of fat in our body. It improves our athletics power.

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Forms of Supplements for Weight Loss

Supplements available either in single form or in “stacks”. For the persons who goes to gym or the gym-goers protein is quiet important for them. This is where the protein shakes comes in handy.  Protein powders and protein shakes handy for vegetarians who are unable to take eggs. Among all the other protein supplements whey protein is quiet common and mostly useful. Whey protein is a good source of natural nutrition. Whey protein comes from whey. 

Now what is whey? Whey is liquid part of the milk which s left behind after the production of cheese. It contains all the nine types of amino acid which should be present and it also have a very less amount of lactose content so it is preferably the perfect to use as supplement. So it is convenient to replace whole food.

There is an ideal way to use these supplements. We should have around 25 to 30 gram of protein shakes or bodybuilding supplements in a day. Even the doctors suggest this. But the main question which everybody face is that is it better to have protein shake with water or with milk? To answer this question we should first be clear with our goals. I mean what exactly we want from this supplement.

Mixing out Whey Protein with Milk

Researchers and experts say that the main difference between the milk and the water depends upon the fact that what are our preferences. It depends upon our personal preference and our fitness goal which we want to achieve. Either we want to gain weight or lose weight. We should be clear the whether we want bulked up bodies and big muscle or just simple plain weight loss.

Now lets discuss about the first one.

If we want to gain weight and have a bulk body and big muscle. In that case what should be done by us? If we are having the protein shake with milk then in addition to the protein of the protein shake we will also get the protein and the calcium of the milk. Which is extra to the already protein we were receiving. And this excess protein and calcium helps in gaining weight and building muscles.

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It is also preferable if we take the supplement in the morning or before the workout session. As because it helps to digest the thing more quickly and properly.

Small precaution should be taken care of before or during taking this supplement.

 It is possible for our body to take only a limited amount of protein at a time. More than what it is capable of can have side effects or negative effects in our body. Excess protein sometime mainly in this case can go to waste. We should be attentive while taking these kinds of supplement and take care of the numbers that are hiding behind them.

Now let us take the second case where we want to lose weight and have a lean figure. If we intake protein shakes regularly it helps in losing the weight of our body and again provide the body with much needed protein. Protein shake or the bodybuilding supplements id we mix theme with water we can digest them in a better way than if taken with milk. As because milk is hard to digest. It also helps to soak much required nutrient which in turn helps us to recover faster after work out from sore muscles.

Water or Milk for Weight Loss

If we intake proper amount of protein shake along with proper amount of fruits it can be more nutritious and filling. It fills our stomach which reduces our intake of excess amount of food and thus reduces the amount of intake of calories. This helps us in reducing fat in a faster and easier way.

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From whey comes a separated mixture of whey protein As we have seen earlier whey is actually the white remain of the milk after making of cheese. It is quiet nutritious and also have very little amount of lactose. Protein shakes available as dietary supplements. They have many health benefits. 

People normally drink protein shake or bodybuilding supplement for various reasons. Whether it be muscle gain weight loss or healing of injury. While we receive proteins form various kinds of food like egg, meat, milk etc. Protein shake is highly nutrientand highly regarded. It is mainly useful for vegetarians who are unable to eat egg meat or fish.

If we are not so sure that whether these will give us the desired result or not then the good news is that we are not the only one who are not having this answer or rather searching for this answer. Dietary supplements are normally the product that contains vitamin, mineral or mainly protein.

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In this case we are mainly talking about protein shakes. Protein shakes mainly provide us with protein and sometimes amino acids. Amino acids – the building block of protein. We can find these kinds of bodybuilding supplements in many forms. We can find them in powder form or in capsule form otherwise in liquid form. Normally find the protein supplements or the protein shakes in powder form.

Types of Protein Supplements

Protein supplements or protein shakes are animal or plant-based. Let us take an example, the most popular animal-based protein id whey and casein. They are animal based. But if we have maybe lactose intolerance or we are allergic to milk then in place of them we can eat the egg white. 

For a popular plant-based protein we can pick from any one of soya, pea, rice, etc. Dietary supplements as their name suggest they are actually meant to complete or enhance our diet. Anyways the protein shake might come in handy if we don’t have the proper amount of protein in our diet or a high-quality protein source or we can’t meet the need for our protein in our normal diet.

We must also know the benefits of taking these protein supplements or the protein shakes long with the exercises. The protein shakes were taken by the players or athletics. And even those who go to gym. It helped in building their muscle and strengthening their body and which helped in improving their performance. 

In fact

if we combine protein shake along with the workout this will help us to increase our muscle growth and will improve our physical performance and recovery. As I have mentioned earlier that protein shakes contains amino acids which is easily absorbed by our body.

Studies says that the intake of these kind of protein shake increases the amount of amino acids in our blood stream. As the amount of amino acids increases in our blood stream it in turn helps the muscles to strengthen. 

If we have a high protein diet

It gives us many ways which helps us to lose weight. If we drink protein shakes and take protein supplements it naturally increases the daily intake of protein in our diet. In our appetite, control and stimulation are managed by various types of enzymes. Our appetite is controlled by them. A few of them are peptide tyrosine-tyrosine (PYY), glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), and ghrelin.

The enzymes secretion increases

As we intake more amount of protein in our diet. Researchers shows that every time we take a diet with more amount of protein or which contain protein supplements the enzyme ghrelin secrets less. This enzyme is responsible for the secretion that stimulates the appetite.

If we intake high protein diet it also helps in high energy expenditure that is more amount of energy is lost which results in more amount of calories burnt. It normally occurs in two different ways.

It starts with our body starts burning more calories by metabolizing the protein rather than fats or carbohydrates. This response of our metabolism to the excess amount of protein in our diet is known as  diet-induced thermo genesis (DIT).

DIT can be defined as the amount of energy which is needed by our body to metabolize each nutrient in correspondence with the number of calories we had taken.

Second part

Is that high protein diet can start gluconeogenesis — it is the process of producing glucose from proteins or fat when the carbohydrate is absent —this which takes place is believed to burn extra calories. 

It is also known that high amount of protein in our diet may be through supplements or protein shakes is known to accelerate or promote fat oxidation which results to fat loss. Studies say that if we in take rich quality protein from high quality source it may result in loss of our fat. This excess amount of protein can also be associated with fat loss from the mid section which is also called visceral or abdominal fat.

We all know that losing fat from specially our mid section is very important. Increase in the fat near our abdominal region can cause chronic inflammation. This has being linked to insulin resistance and heart disease.

We can say that these proteins shake

And the protein supplements add to our weight loss. However we need to do many more things than just increasing the protein in our diet. If we really want to lose weight we need to create a negative energy balance. This means that we gravely need to burn more calories than to intake it. That is we should have a deficit in our calories.

There are exactly three ways by which we can achieve calorie deficit. One is by taking fewer amounts of calories; the second is by giving up more amounts of calories and last but not the least by doing more amount of exercise.

Even though taking protein decreases the intake of calories per day by reducing our appetite but the fact is that protein itself contains some amount of calories. So even if it works it’s not quite enough. And more over if we in take too much of it will reduce some of the calories but will as well add some to it.


Therefore even though protein intake might lose a bit of calories we must exercise as well too to reduce more amounts of calories.  Thus we can say that high protein diet is a great way to lose weight and even build muscles and more over the intake of protein shake also benefits us in many other ways. 

Protein supplements or shakes reduces our appetite and also burns some of our fat from our belly region it is a great way to reduce the excess fat and excess weight that our body have. Finally we can say that even though protein intake is very helpful to lose weight but too much intake will only be unnecessary because our body cannot take more than its capability


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