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Major Impactful Exercises to Improve Biceps Sizes Fast

Major Impactful Exercises to Improve Biceps Sizes Fast: From the beginning of the muscle-building protocol, one of the most over-rated body parts and a lot of people notice is the biceps no matter whatever. Nevertheless, the bicep muscles are highly getting attention more than any other muscle group especially in the upper body, while you’re someone who’s consistently hitting your workout eventually has properly developed arms no doubt. On the other hand more than a bicep which is smaller would say tiny muscle grows, the triceps muscle plays a large important role in the development of the arm.

Because the triceps muscles are way bigger than biceps and that’s the fact, bigger and develop triceps are your overall look of the arm will eventually look massive. So never neglect or train less your triceps. Although the balance and symmetry give the outcome, therefore if you targeted to achieve muscle size ( Hypertrophy ) in the arms.

Make sure you progressive over-load the weights accordingly – in simple words lift heavy ( increase the weights ) and even focusing on the Volume ( which should be 10 to 15 sets weekly per muscle practically ) and even following down smart effective workout plans – ensure that you’ll increase the frequency of it likely training a muscle group Biceps Sizes twice or thrice in a week ( Forget about the bro-split workout). Although you’ll have to divide the workout like eg. PPL ( Push, Pull, Legs) which is way better than bro split routine, it should be a well-balanced recovery ( 7 to 8 hours of sleep ) with proper diet ( which has the macros like protein, carbs, and fat) to get optimal results.

Major Exercises for Biceps

Although many gym-goers and follow up their back workout consistently from personal experiences, usually from barbell rows to lat -pulldowns. Undoubtedly it’s actives and even targets your biceps, forearms muscles indirectly, while hit those back exercises frequently. However, If you’re adding out these exercises together with your regular back work-out you’ll likely see optimal results in both back and biceps muscle groups.

Fairly having out strong developed biceps sizes gives an attractive and sexy appearance, even women find the most attractive no doubt that’s the fact. Reinforcing these effective biceps exercises not only will deliver size even strength, training biceps muscles it’s quite simple – train harder than last time.

  • The Best & effective Bicep Exercises
  • Barbell Curl or EZ barbell Curl
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl
  • EZ-Bar Preacher Curl
  • Standing Biceps Cable Curl
  • Drag curl

Let’s know about biceps muscle and it’s functions.

The biceps are also known as “ Brachii” – which is a two-headed muscle of the arm. Likely has two heads short and long, attached across with the two joints from the elbow and the shoulder as well. The biceps core function is quite simple – to flex the elbow and even the wrist.

Effective training of the biceps

While training effective matters more – so if you’re a beginner or newbie you’ve to aim for a maximum of 8 sets per week and intermediate once 10 to 15 Sets per week for optimal strength and biceps sizes. Well likely we’ve mentioned earlier biceps are the tiny ( smaller muscle group)  there’s no need to lift heavier because these are isolated exercises not compound once, forget about ego lifting.

1. Barbell Curl or EZ barbell Curl

Biceps Sizes

While this gives more opportunity to go progressive overload within the period of time to lift heavier. This is not possible with the dumbbells, most gym-goers develop maximum strength while performing these even achieve hypertrophy means size. Before performing these while from personal experience I’ll choose an EZ barbell because it’s wrist-friendly firstly if you’re someone who has less mobility on their wrist well choose EZ barbell for this exercise.

To perform this exercise grab the barbell underhanded slightly according to your shoulder width. With chest up and tight, squeeze your glutes, shoulder blades pulled back make sure don’t lean the shoulder on the front much and even your engaged your core.

Start curling out using the biceps with slow and steady to increase the intensity if you’re going forward for a lighter. Don’t use momentum while doing this exercise or Ego lift, that’s the common mistake you doing on. Just ensure you’re working the muscles and use mind and muscle connection even while doing this exercise.

Major Advantages

You can add more weights, which is way better than dumbbells curls and perfect for beginners to advanced lifters. Effortlessly you can build strength and sizes in the biceps

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl

Biceps Sizes

The second feature bicep exercise – is the most intense and simplest once is the incline dumbbell curls. With this exercise simply you can avoid the usage of momentum that has occurred on barbell curls or other standing bicep exercises. Because here you’ll get be supported from the back with help of incline bench, why it’s the intense once likely here even with the lightweight load. You’ll feel more stress and tension in the biceps muscles every time you’ll perform this exercise. So here it’s not important to go full heavy load in the starting phase and try to use slow temp in this exercise literally the bicep will be fatigue totally even on the next morning while using-out lighter weights with the dumbbells.

Before performing this exercise make sure you angle the bench around 45 to 60 degrees inclined. Lay back on the bench well , grab the dumbbells and spread your arms keep lose extended. Without any help of shoulders , start curling out slowly especially while lower the weights and hold on few seconds while you bring on the dumbbells top with fully controlled form perform this exercise.

Major Advantages

It’s eliminates the usage of momentum while performing this incline dumbbell curls, because it’s reinforces the lifter to stay on a strict form.  Even the lighter weight you can take the advantage of Biceps Sizes for full range of motion and delivers high intensity within 3 sets which the lifter have to push themselves.

3. EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

Biceps Sizes

 Similar to the first barbell curls, here you’ll get the support of preacher bench to avoid the usage of momentum and perform this exercise with a full range of motion. Unlikely inclined biceps curls thus this strict the form completely allowing to perform more sets in this exercise, which is great for bicep strength and size. From an EZ barbell which is wrist-friendly for most lifters, and this exercise pushes your biceps muscle fibres more with having great muscle and mind connection.

Sit on the preacher bench and keep your both the arm on the pad, and slightly elbow and extend your arms well. With chest up and shoulders pulled back, grab the EZ barbell and bring the arm slightly closer with a supinated angle. Start curling out with the use of tempo.

Major Advantages

Unlikely to incline dumbbell curls – this EZ -bar preacher curls focus more on the full range of motion and with a strict form and technique. Lastly, EZ barbells are wrist-friendly for the most lifters

4. Standing Biceps Cable Curl

Standing biceps cable curls while it’s allows to you push more forward because here all that tension delivered from the cables and you can use ropes and straight bars for this exercise. Although from the barbell or dumbbells the momentum is slightly uneasy and performing a full-on range of motion been quite harder in the last sets especially, thus this undoubtedly works well focusing on the deep muscle tissues for more strength and size.

Before performing this exercise make sure you attach the right handle which makes you feel comfortable, chest up and shoulders pulled back hold on the handle and take baby steps back and choose the right lightweight no needed to go which suits you, and start curling out.

Major Advantages

Allows you to touch full workout volume and even the usage lighter it delivers more tension throughout each rep. With targeting all the angles of the biceps muscles.

5. Drag curl 

Last, not least – this exercise is well known as Drag curl invented in the earlier 50s by the legend also known as the “ Iron Guru” Vince Gironda. Thus this variation of bicep curls is slightly different from others unlikely to traditional barbell curls, this recruits both the heads of biceps and upper forearms muscles effectively. And shoulders muscles work here as a stabilizer for this exercise.

Just grab supinated grip the barbell or EZ barbell whatever makes you feel comfortable on your wrist. Chest up and shoulders pulled back and bring the barbell closer to the edge, make sure elbows complete bend while you curl pull the arms back and perform this exercise with strict form and technique.

Major Advantages

While this exercise avoids your front deltoids to lift weights and shifts towards the biceps. And the range of motion is less but still effectiveness of this exercise continues even with the lighter and neutral weight.


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