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How to lose muffin top men and women without exercising for 2 weeks

How to lose muffin top men and women without exercising for 2 weeks: Real talk having-out extra additional wanted abdominal fat around the waistline ( love handles) well known as a muffin, even from overall belly wise as well. Have been often frustrating especially while comes to wearing tops like t-shirts or regular shirts. Like literally you’ll find thousands of abs workouts, diets, and mainly about homemade detoxification juice on the internet and few will be selling their personal online workout plan claiming it’ll lose love handles fat instantly within a week. Well, the harsh truth and reality is spot fat reduction is impossible, in simple words if someone’s planning out to reduce their particular body part fat – well you’ll have to lose the fat from the overall body.

And yes we’ll like burst all the myths and misconceptions available on internet and even find out what’s the actual reason for love handles ( fat stored in side oblique ) even slightly to lose muffin top details about belly fat also. Fat stored down in the love handles and elimination of it will take a lot consistency of full on perfectly planned diet , if you’re looking up to perform any exercises only sticking on diet so .

Exercises to Strictly Follow on to Lose Muffin

  • Likely we’ll look into first major reason – in consideration every one are different and unique from one and another doesn’t if your man and woman it implies to all each individual in the planet and some are gone through of medication , diseases , injuries , bad habits , genetics,  food addiction, environment  etc.
  •  The goal and motive to depletion of the stored fat under love handles ( side oblique ) is to use tight restricted diet nutrition plan , like they say “ abs and strong oblique are reveal in the kitchen that’s why we’re switching focus more in the diet . Likely hundreds of home abs or sides workout aren’t work at all , because is an biggest myth on the internet . Other side keeping unrealistic expectations may be why various individuals failed in fat-loss, here you’ll need to have hell a lot of patience and consistency should followed from the day one itself.
  • Lastly you’ll have to stick into calorie deficit around 1500 to 1800 calories intake per day to see noticeable within 2 weeks under time frame . Well following down this same lose muffin with consistence will bring on incredible changes within 8 weeks duration with following these low calorie foods we’ve mentioned below .

1. Sugar-cut completely

lose muffin top

Cut the sugar off from the diet completely almost 80% I know it’s sounds crazy but still . Avoid package fruit juices no matter it’s has mentioned below in the label 0 sweetened or lose muffin top low-calorie whatever may be claimed it’s all untrue, because likely it’s contains hell a lot added sugar and artificial flavours with only 20 to 30% of organic fruit juice .

While it’s okay to eat fresh real fruits like mango to strawberry not a problem in limited amounts but still cut off package fruit juices and diet cokes as well . Even starch foods like noodles, popcorn , corn flour and white breads . These foods  has excessive level sugar content , whenever these starchy foods goes into our tummy later on digestion process it’ll convert into sugar which on excessive is bad for fat loss process . While you can shift to oat bread or brown rice Likely be an good choice

2. Add on more Vitamin C & B Intake

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Undoubtedly the priority of current scenario – to ensure that our immune system shouldn’t fall out or weakened any time and that’s the fact , the more intake of Vitamin C into your regular diet the stronger your body’s immune system gets. While it doesn’t really whether in taking from an supplements or from fruits  like Lemon , kiwi and oranges . While fruits contains not just vitamins C but even magnesium , zinc and calcium.

Therefore vitamin C stays beneficiary to fat-loss and proper digestion. And it comes vitamin B plays out the important role for increasing testosterone in men especially – while you’ll received having out eggs , chicken and fish mostly. So the increase level of testosterone hormones which leads to more fat-loss and lean muscle gain even healthy hair and nails. So make sure you’ll add vitamin B and C micro-nutrients into your diet , which will end up making your immune and body strong

3. Increasing water intake

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Increasing water intake is effectively great for fat-loss and both from the health factors as well . Drinking water up to 3 to 5 litres of water will flush out the all water retention which have stored for a while into your body , early if you will start drinking maximum 1 litre before breakfast on a empty stomach it’ll detoxified all the toxic lose muffin from the body parts which is an great way to start your day . And even make you feel hydrated throughout the day and less fatigueless and makes your bloat less . Ensure that you’ll drink water after 30 mins after meal don’t drink in between more or before the meal. Likely it’ll mess out your tummy if you do so.

4. High protein diet

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Sticking into a high protein diet will show rapid results, especially if you’re goal is to lose belly fat or love handles . Other side protein comes under macro-nutrient , although increasing protein into your regular diet will fix your appetite and boost your metabolism  even help you to control your cravings no matter what.

Either you purchase raw whey protein powder or add some high protein content food like chicken breast , red meat, Salmon fish , eggs , prawns . If you’re an vegetarian you look forward to whey protein lose muffin concentrate shakes , paneer, tofu , mushroom and lastly soya chucks

5. Detoxification

Our body has its own biological timing from digestion to sleeping , although in the current busy people aren’t following down proper routine to their that’s why sometimes our brains starts to avoid signals . Cleansing out our tummy should be added into our routine , if you don’t then eventually you’ll have issues like bloating and constipation. And it’s not that harder to go flush out those toxic stored under your body instantly. Well it’s simple as easy after wake up drink an Luke warm a litre of water that’s it , all your toxics and waste will be detoxified effortlessly.

6. Focusing on healthy carbs

While we know right that sticking on calorie deficit enhancing fat-loss in a higher degree . It’s not the fact that you’ll stay completely carbs free which is quite unhealthy for health, because carbohydrates delivers energy and works like an fuel into our system. Avoiding carbs in the long run make cause some health issues even develops fatigue in day to day schedules. So that doesn’t mean you’ll look forward to pizza or cup cakes, it’s better off you’ll into healthy carbs like brown rice, oats , wheat.

These foods also contains protein and mainly fiber on it , ensure that you’ll follow up well balanced diet which includes proteins , carbs and fats. And avoid instant or processed foods like sausages and salami , eat right while you follow an balanced diet for fat-loss process .

7. Add on Dairy and probiotic products

Dairy and probiotic both are amazing for fat-loss and beneficiary for health . While here probiotics are great for your digestion system and takes way all your digestive issues, probiotics normally contains good bacteria. Probiotics foods are curd , butter milk and yogurt. Where as if we look forward into dairy products like milk or cheese has a lot of calcium and high protein content , not only effective for fat-loss also makes you stronger and bones healthier. Also these foods makes your tummy full so you’ll end up forgetting about cravings.

8. Sleep well & stay stress free

Still freaking about the love handles and about being obese, well you don’t have to worry much , have patience . Because all your day to day stress might be problematic for fat-loss , likely whenever will be stressed or been anxious for something our body releases huge amount of stress hormones also known cortisol. 

The high levels of cortisol stress hormones will create from digestion to adding out a layer of fat under belly or sides . And don’t smoke or drink alcohol for these reasons , relax chill out listen to some great music and mediate for some 15 minutes. A normal and regular person must sleep over maximum from 7 to 8 hours to balanced out every within your body from the absorption nutrients to burning all it takes during sleep also.


Last not the least – depletion of love handles to belly fat are technically tough in the starting phase , but isn’t impossible at all . Aleast you can add some workout like HIIT ( high intensity interval training ) likely contains Burpees to sprint only around 15 minutes in day protocol into your fat-loss plan . The alternative way nothing less just go out for an walk for an 30 minutes every single day , any of those will end up increasing your metabolism and burn fat each time . Where as with the diet wise stop craving about junk foods like pizza to burger, prioritizing those foods that we’ve mentioned will start impacting on you’re fat-loss goal not only love handles or belly fat from overall body.

Just stop dreaming about spot fat reduction which is an impossible claimed by various research studies. If your already having-out a mind-set to follow out then start immediately, we’ll if your willing to do this . Your health and fitness lifestyle will go on a right and healthier way .


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