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HIIT Training – How often we lose weight fast using HIIT training

Here we are going to talk more about HIIT Training to look fit and healthy fast. We all give the best efforts from our side to look attractive in everyday life. But we forgot about some routines which have to take care. We know that Fitness is a great part of our lives and for that, we can work very hard also.

That is not really off-base: HIIT can be an exceptionally effective approach to invest your energy in the exercise. At times, only 30 minutes of HIIT every week can improve the difference of cardiometabolic wellbeing to a similar degree as more than two hours of doing cardio. The fat-cutting advantages of HIIT, be that as it may, have been significantly proven, and it doesn’t work close to too for fat dissolve as some prefer to guarantee. Here’s a more intensive glance at the science on cardio and weight reduction and what everything implies for you.

What is HIIT Training (High-intensity interval training)

Some of the questions with patients about exercise one of the questions that come up are about high-intensity interval training it’s also known as hit exercise. So, there are some things to take into consideration when doing hit it’s been well studied for many years. In an athletic population has been shown to have great benefits. However, there is some limited evidence on the safety and effectiveness of hit training in patients who have cardiovascular or heart conditions.

Some things to keep in mind is that if you do have certain heart conditions such as uncontrolled heart rhythm disorders very high blood pressure that’s not controlled uncontrolled diabetes. They majorly had some chances of heart surgery within the last 12 weeks.

Maybe you’ve had a heart attack or an angioplasty in the last four weeks if you’ve had a history of erratic dissection, aneurysms vascular dissections, or certain devices like pacemakers and I will suggest you to reconsider if hit training is appropriate for you.

Always speak with one of your health care providers or physicians to verify if this is a safe alternative for you if hit training is something that is safe and you’re interested in doing it simply exercises that have a mix of low intensity and high-intensity exercises in a single exercise session HIIT.

Some Major Benefits of HIIT Training

Benefits of HIIT Training

As we all know and we understand how important it is to be fit. So while thinking of weight loss ways or any other remedies. Go and look for the ways to achieve it, without looking around about its alternative. We all have that precious life which we have to consider it through many other terms.

Weight loss is not like a game if we going to think about it we could achieve it without doing anything. It’s become a great purpose of Human life that how they would make out with weight loss exercises.

The benefits of the exercise with high-intensity interval training include improved weight management improved cardiovascular conditioning. You can also see some limited evidence suggesting an improvement in heart function. With high-intensity interval training risks, however, do include increased risk of cardiovascular arrhythmias heart attacks. Muscle or joint injuries and just general muscle soreness after doing the high-intensity interval training. The bottom line with the interval training is that you do want to mix. Both short durations of low-intensity exercise shortest 30 seconds maybe as long as 4 minutes along with higher intensity intervals. For the same interval, 32 for 30 seconds up to four minutes of the higher intensity for that total duration. About 20 to 40 minutes of the hit exercise hit training is a very nice alternative to break up your routine of doing your moderate-intensity. Exercise and definitely meet with the health care professional before initiating.

Look for Some Benefits of HIIT Training:

  • Helps in Boosting Calories
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Gain Muscles and lose extra fat
  • Reduction in BP

HIIT Training Is better to do in the morning or evening?

The major goal for this is how hard and how fast you could go, to achieve the different zone inside yourself.

Here most of the time we got confused that should we do hiit training in morning or at evening. Which would be more effective. Rather going to the other tipic this topic is the major topic to cover on like. Most of us has a busy schedule in our personal life. But it doesn’t mean that for this you must let your time be wasted.

So let come to the main topic which is the timing of doing HIIT Training. It’s not recommended that in the morning you should be working out for HIIT Training it can be done in the evening also. Its depends on the intensity you are holding on right now, will you be able to perform Hiit training or not.

Because HIIT Training takes fewer times to complete but with a much higher intensity, which is beyond our body can do. That’s why we have to give our body a boost to cheers the workout in a healthy and positive way.

Doctor Recommends that training can be implemented between 1 and 3 times per week. And balanced with regular activity or moderate-intensity exercise. Two to three times per week the other way to think about doing the hit training. Is that you need to include a certain amount of duration of the hit training. That can be between a total time of about 30 to 60 minutes with 10 minutes being warmup time 20 to 40 minutes of being the interval times and then another 10 minutes to cool down.

Is HIIT best for fat loss?

As most of the trainers in the gym would suggest you, be confident while taking a proper diet. Being taking proper diet always measures in these terms but the main work should be the consistency of doing that workout.

HIIT Training always going to be more and more progressive for anyone. This is the major way to derive yourself because as the day going to be completed you found your intensity getting more and more. But Wait is the only best way to lose weight fast.

Yes, this is the best and effective way by which you can make a great change inside you. We might know while you were doing exercise there you feel sweating which is the effective term of losing bacteria and losing calories from your body. And this is a great way of losing weight also and fast.

The more you level up with HIIT Training, the more you Energy and stamina will go to be increased. This directly means that the duration and efficiency of workout always measure at this time.

You might be knowing that these HIIT exercises boosting your inside energy with a pretty damn intense experience.

Most of the great studies derive that giving the whole day or giving an hour or more doesn’t mean that you are doing a workout with a higher intensity. High- Intensity measures are only for 10-15 minutes of harsh working out.

Most Effective Exercise of HIIT

Fast feet

Fast Feet

Hand Walk Out

Hand Walk Out

High Knee

High Knee

Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

Power Jack

HIIT Training


HIIT Training


HIIT Training

Star Jump

HIIT Training

Toe Tap

HIIT Training

Check out the video for HIIT Training Exercises to do at home: 30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm Up – No Equipment at Home

Most Common HIIT Training Mistakes –     

  • Not Warming out properly
  • Progressiveness Fast
  • Choosing Complex Movement
  • Not giving recovery for body
  • Interval Exceeds
  • Not Focused Properly

How many times a week should I do HIIT to lose fat?

Which helps to build our goal to one level ahead of loosing weight. As said two to three days a week you should be doing a strength training also to lose weight fast and for that you should have some strength also.

Your major aims to perform these workouts should be the main aim to lose your weight fast. So be frequent for two to three days of doing out HIIT Training. HIIT Training is a form of having a different moment with each different exercise.

The thing is, “on the off chance that you are genuinely doing HIIT effectively, you are putting a significant weight on your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal frameworks,” says Holland. Hence, you can’t do it consistently.

Disadvantages of HIIT Training

HIIT has been extremely popular as of late, and the world has been trumpeting its worth—from wellness mentors to wellbeing magazines to scientists. In any case, numerous wellbeing experts are beginning to find downsides to this framework, especially when polished normally over significant stretches.

Let’s Check out some Drawbacks:

Not for Everyone: As a Result says that HIIT Training is not for all ages members, because its includes lots and lots of stamina with a higher intensity of a workout without any resting period. So it could harm directly to uneven persons.

Higher intensity of training leads to a lot of fatigue: It takes a higher level of fatigue inside this exercises all the exercise is in a way which hards the intensity of the body to work harder to recover.

Major chances of Injury: HIIT Workout has so high intensity of working out that we have to maintain that pace with that level of intensity. It includes an often and a different complicated move which is very difficult to handle it out. The trainer always warns while doing these moves the body and mind have to be properly focused.

 If your mind and your moves don’t match with the right interval then there could be more chances of Injury. Most of the major injury caused because of maximizing the heart rate in a very lesser amount of time. Most of the complicated exercised would harm you likes some exercises are burpees and jumping on a box.

Very Difficult to Maintain: For most of the people its very tough to be maintain those who are not regular to their diet or even with there diet. So for them its to difficult to maintain that level of working out.

Combine HIIT with Weight training

See this word ‘healthy’ it doesn’t mean what everybody thinks it implies or if nothing else how we use it casually.

The issue isn’t consolidating HIIT and quality preparing, it’s joining them inadequately. A lot of individuals consolidate them without any issues; however, they don’t eliminate themselves with it.

The issue truly comes down to recovery and an absence of recuperation can prompt unexpected frailty results after some time. Take for example how most runners really train. It isn’t the way a great many people think. You don’t appear for 20 minutes consistently do a couple of runs and leave. Warm-ups are regularly longer than the vast majority’s exercises and exercises can last 2–3 hours.

Two times every week is genuine HIIT. That is, two times per week the force is about as high as it very well may be, and, on those days, you’ll regularly complete in the weight room after you run, not previously. So, you’re putting the stressor all around the same time with the goal that you can utilize different days for recuperation runs, done at far lower forces.

Commonly this is referred to as the high-low technique. It takes around 72 hours to recover from the extremely serious running and the opposition preparing and to empower recovery you need some sub-maximal specialized work on the days in the middle. Those days additionally offer you a chance to take a shot at strong continuance which doesn’t set aside as much effort to recoup from as speed/power related stuff.


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