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How Many Times In A Week Should I Do HIIT Exercise To Lose Fat?

How many times in a week should I do HIIT Exercise to lose fat? HIIT (High-intensity interval training). Researchers several years ago figure out possible benefits or more just as more benefit. Compared from a 20 min workout to an hour workout. Every time saving a whopping 40 min how epic is that and it’s called HIIT. So if you’re working out up 3 and 4 times every week, you can save maximum yourself a whopping 120 to 160 minutes every time. No wonder in today’s age we’re so busy with our jobs and all-day busy schedules and HIIT training has really taken off.

But although it has been around for good while. Still, there’s some confusion as to how much HIIT you should do and when the benefits start to drop off. So here we go from evidence and how it’ll Reverse you’re aging as well which is super epic. What if you’ll overreach it and do over much of HIIT training.

HIIT Training Benefits for Weight Loss Quickly

Shortly it’s a HIIT short of a burst of time. You go for your maximum between 85 to 100 percent of your heart rate and you do that for between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Then you’ve rest between 30 seconds and 1-minute . So if you think about Sprint classes at your local gym this is what they’ll often do. They’ll have a burst of high-intensity interval training exercise followed up by resting period that’s HIIT training. Actually there are limitless variations of HIIT training.

But overall just remember that it’s short bursts of really high-intensity exercise. It really started to take off in 1996, where a researcher called Dr. Ta Bata, has put up people into an exercise regime. They went at the high-intensity pace of 20 seconds followed by 10 Seconds of rest and they did for 4 minutes. He measured their Vo2Max. Vo2max is how quickly your body can use oxygen.

HIIT Exercise

Then compared two people. Another one had done 60 minutes just constant pace be found that the 4 minutes group via Vo2max went up to 15 %. Here the exciting part, for the people that were going to a 60-minute workout their Vo2max went up by 10%. You’re potentially getting even more benefits from just 4 minutes of exercise compared to a full 60 minutes. That really started the Tidal wave of HIIT training. Now the thing’s had come a long way since 1996. In 2008 this trial is a meta-analysis that combined all the research studies. It had proved the same.

But the HIIT exercise can eventually “Reverse you’re aging as well”. There’s a landmark trial published in 2019 it showed that HIIT Training helps to repair your mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial and other powerhouse cells create energy. Your cells need to do HIIT Exercises. All the work that needed to do so by helping your mitochondrial health. You’re helping to reverse your aging which is an epic finding. Unfortunately however HIIT, it’s not all good news people can overdo or overreach.

So over the recent study 2019 you must stay below 50min / week of HIIT.

A number of studies also showed if you do too much or overreached. You’re at a much higher risk of getting injures. So specifically on knees and the hips of the poorest techniques but also overworking your muscles as well and not letting a chance to recover from the training.

It’s a well known heard by many regular gym fitness enthusiastic, burns calories a lot, and loses fat to quick and Rapid than other cardio exercises. Such as LISS (Low-intensity steady-state cardio) or MISS ( moderate-intensity steady-state cardio) these don’t work out as well as HIIT.

So why HIIT Exercise it’s so popular and top, well people can do other forms of cardio exercises also.

 Right. The reason is simple it’s more over time efficiency ( 10 – 20 min maximum) and performed in short durations ( Eg.30 Sprints or Burgees and 90 sec of rest ).

Continues to burn fat even after The post-workout session ends within 24hrs on recovery time period because it spikes up the metabolic rate (EPOC ) slightly Increases Testosterone level on Males, enhances mood drops down Cortisol ( Stress ) hormone. Due to the fact you can do anywhere like a gym or home it depends on individuals. 

So How many times in a week should I workout HIIT Exercise as a Normal individual?

HIIT Exercise

Answer is simple 3 times / Split it up the workout in a week.

• To avoid overreaching or over-training because as research studies say an Individual shouldn’t work out more than 45 min’s in a week. What you want to do just split the 15mins over 3 Separate workouts so this perfect for the half-hour sprint classes that you might do so half the time or 15 minutes.

You’ll be at that high-intensity interval and then 50% of the time or Another 15 min you’ll be resting, so this is 15 min of high-intensity training, and if you do 3 times in a week that’s 45 minutes in a week which is really perfect.

• You don’t have to do the high intensity of training on consecutive days and you have to have rest between your days So you might work out on Monday Wednesday and Friday in-between days you’ll rest to maximize muscle recovery from the workout and get benefit from it because it’s super important to recover from HIIT training. If you don’t allow your body to recover how you’ll get benefits from it. Eventually ended up neglecting all the positive benefits from it.

Here are some more advantages of HIIT Exercise

The reason is simple you’ll be having injuries and lack of recovery if you’ll overreach or over-trained. Individuals may start losing muscle or we can say “ Muscle Catabolism”.

• Individual is mandatory to stay on calories maintenance or calorie surplus, Here is the link you all can check your daily calories intake Calorie Calculator

• Add up pre-workout (Caffeine 400 mg per day ). Hence boost’s you’re performance while working out.

HIIT Exercise

• Other things you can do for recovery is healthy Diet. Hence protein is mandatory so 1.5 gram per body weight ( per kg)

( Eg.100 grams of protein = 75 kg body weight ) well it’s depends I suggest moderate protein or high protein diet .

How many times in a week

• Stay hydrated is a must and Mandatory drinking 7 litres of water maximum to help in recovery because it smoothens your joints areas and bones as well.

How many times in a week

• Sleep = Recovery, You’re getting enough sleep at least eight hours every night without the sleep you are not allowing your body to recover it’s because during the sleep cycle you’re body actually repairs from the damage you do to your body while training so it’s vitality important to get maximum 8 hours of sleep or more.

How many times in a week

So individuals must and Mandatory sleep 8 to 9hrs in a day, Due to CNS ( Central nervous system ) fatigue and even muscle. Must have rest days as well it depends.

• Add-up some resistance and weight training in a routine HIIT Exercise. It’s an added effect that’s my personal experience. A combination of both will double you’re fat-loss and burn calories Increase your Muscle-Mass as well.

• Be consistent and have a lot patience cause fat-loss doesn’t happen over a night .

• So, here is the Split in a week ( 45 min’s )

Monday           15 min ( rest 40 sec)

Wednesday     15 min ( rest 40 rest )

Friday               15 min ( rest 40 rest )

Total                 45 min ( In a week )


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