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Drinking Pomegranate In Empty Stomach Good For Health | Advantages & Disadvantages

Drinking Pomegranate in Empty stomach Good for Health | Advantages & Disadvantages: Wondering what pomegranates are good for? Well, they’re so useful in maintaining effective and healthy blood circulation. Several doctors suggest eating pomegranates to regain your strength after a long illness. For clearing up the skin and reducing inflammation pomegranates are traditionally used.

Pomegranate’s juice also can be useful for the treatment of sore throats. Other health benefits include being a great cure for heart-related problems, stomach disorders. Others such as cancer, dental conditions, osteoarthritis, anemia, and diabetes. Pomegranate, the fruit of the shrub known as Punica granatum. It is one of the fruits with a very old history, ancient writings. In different cultures and religions, pomegranates’ benefits are identified. At the time of ancient Egypt, the pomegranate was considered a symbol of prosperity.

In the Ebbers Papyrus, one of the earliest medical writings, dating from 1500 BC. Egyptians used pomegranates for treating tapeworm infestations. In Greek mythology, the pomegranate was known as the “fruit of the dead”. It was believed to have sprung Drinking Pomegranate from the blood of Adonis. In ancient Israel, it was believed pomegranates were brought to Moses as a standing proof for the fertility of the “promised land”. And, finally, according to the Qur’an, the Pomegranates grew in the Garden of Paradise.

The pomegranate shrub originates from Persia. Persia is today the territory of Iran. It was cultivated since ancient times throughout the Mediterranean basin and northern India. It is currently grown in most of the warm areas of the globe – the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent. Also the Mediterranean basin, certain parts of Asia, and the United States.

Significance of pomegranate

Due to the fact that it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hence pomegranate is currently considered by most nutritionists to be a “superfood”.

In Ayurveda, the Indian traditional system of medicine, pomegranate often appears as an ingredient in various natural remedies. Also, in recent years, many scientific studies of modern medicine have demonstrated the health benefits of pomegranate.

According to a research survey circulated within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Since pomegranates are prosperous in antioxidants. They will prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, also pertained to as ‘bad’ cholesterol. We can enjoy the amazing health benefits of pomegranates by consuming or Drinking Pomegranate. You can take them within the sort of juice. Otherwise, you can eat its seeds, syrup, paste, nectar, or concentrate.

Pomegranate syrups help treat cartilage damage. They ensure babies from brain damage incurred during their birth. These are the medicinal advantages in the past of pomegranate.

What a refreshing, great tasting snack. This barely unique fruit has been believed to carry legendary powers for hundreds of years . Scientists conducting research study on the various health benefits of pomegranates have made some incredible discoveries.

Organic pomegranates are full of anti-oxidants.

Drinking Pomegranate in Empty stomach

These are compounds and enzymes known for keeping low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. Also bad cholesterol, from oxidizing and causing atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Organic pomegranate seeds act tons like aspirin, keeping blood platelets from sticking together. It reduces the formation of dangerous blood clots.

The research study also shows that eating organic pomegranate seeds and drinking pomegranate juice can increase oxygen levels in the heart.

Other studies reveal that over time, organic pomegranates might combat erectile dysfunction. This super fruit might also reduce the inflammation of arthritis. It slows the enzymatic activity that breaks down cartilage. To get the most out of an organic pomegranate. Eat the seeds, while they are at their Drinking Pomegranate freshest and juiciest point. This is when their medicinal powers are at their peak. A handful of people suck the juice out and spit out the seed. This is a personal option. But most of the beneficial fiber arrives from the seed, so it is beneficial to consume it.

One more research study showed that pomegranate juice rinse was effective against dental plaque microorganisms. There was a significant reduction in the number of colony-forming units of streptococci (23%) and lactobacilli (46%). It makes pomegranate a possible alternative for the treatment of dental plaque bacteria.

Another study showed that the evolution of Alzheimer’s disease could be slowed down. The symptoms improved by a natural compound found in pomegranate. Punicalgin is a polyphenol which, it was shown, can inhibit inflammation in certain specialized cells in the brain.

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Nutritive significances in a 100gm portion of pomegranate contain

This inflammation leads to the destruction of more and more neurons. It causes Alzheimer’s disease to progress and worsening the condition of the patient. And, although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, this natural compound in pomegranate could potentially prevent it.

Recent studies suggest that the most common health ailments such as hypertension can be managed by pomegranate juice. Besides being an anti-hypertensive, it also acts as an effective anti-cancer agent. Pomegranate juice combats breast cancer; the fruit extract also helps in treating lung cancer.  The anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate make it, the best fruit for those patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Drinking Pomegranate in Empty stomach

• Calcium- 10 microgram • Iron- 0.3 microgram • Magnesium- 12  microgram  • Phosphorus- 36 microgram  • Potassium- 236  microgram • Sodium- 3  microgram  • Fiber- 4 gram • Carbohydrates- 18.7 gram • Protein- 1.67 gram

These can be found in pomegranate. But also and in grapes and red wine, Drinking Pomegranate to protect the cardiovascular system and delay aging. Researchers say that low doses of resveratrol mimic the effects of a low-calorie diet, extend life expectancy. It also delays the aging processes.

Due to its antimicrobial and antifungal effects, pomegranate seed oil can be used to fight intestinal parasites. Also, pomegranate contains α-terminal, a volatile compound. It exhibits anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsive, and cardiovascular properties. Also, it has beneficial effects on gastric lesions. It makes it an effective tool in the elaboration of new substances with antidiarrheal activity.

Pomegranate Juice Aids Digestion

Drinking Pomegranate in Empty stomach

Skipping breakfast for a glass of pomegranate juice might cause you to guilty. You might notice your tummy beginning to grumble. But even just a little bit of this juice has a whole host of health benefits. Even if it’s just once a day, especially with regards to digestion. That’s because the juice of the pomegranate fruit contains a number of bioactive compounds. It includes anthocyanin and phenolic compounds, plus a little thing called ascorbic acid, otherwise known as Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is known as an essential vitamin, and having a good source of it in your diet helps fend off and treat things such as scurvy. Research study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2002 highlighted the importance of pomegranate juice for digestion, revealing that the juice Drinking Pomegranate contained high levels of phenolic compounds, at a rate of 29 per cent, during digestion. Phenolic compounds are integral to a well-balanced diet, as they have long been known to possess great properties as an antioxidant, with especial benefits as an anti-inflammatory biochemical.

Pomegranate Juice is Fast-acting

Just a glass of pomegranate juice a day can make all the difference. By this, we mean that it is fast-acting as a nutritional supplement. The juice’s richness in Vitamin C helps boost the production of antibodies in your bloodstream, acting as something of a much-needed reinforce for your body’s immune system Drinking Pomegranate in its everyday fight against pathogens that could do damage to your body. Imagine your antibodies as being like soldiers on the front line, needing all the help they can get, to keep you in the best of health.

These antibodies need constant replenishment, so a top-up of much-needed Vitamin C goes a long way towards not only ensuring a healthier gut, but the increased likelihood of a stronger immune system. This makes your body more capable of repelling infections. Imagine all those days you lose to the common cold or the flu? Just a glass of pomegranate juice could make all the difference.

Pomegranate Aids Digestion, Blood Pressure and Weight Loss, Those Antioxidants Work Wonders

Drinking Pomegranate in Empty stomach

Antioxidants are one of nature’s greatest defense mechanisms. It delays the process of oxidation, which has the effect of holding harmful free radicals at bay. Without antioxidants, those free radicals would play havoc with your body. It produces chemical reactions which would damage cells in your body.

Just in case you’re wondering what specific pomegranate digestion benefits. Make it stand out from other purported health drinks in this field, consider this. In 2009, a study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews. It looked into the juice’s digestive health benefits. It revealed that commercial brands of the juice displayed antioxidant activity three times higher than that noticed after consuming red wine and green tea.

Is it better for digestive ?

Yes, pomegranate juice is an answer to better digestive health. But it’s important to point out that it’s not the only answer. It’s always important to remember that pomegranates are just one of the many fruits you can include to your diet. Also as part of your regular five-a-day. Pomegranate juice is helpful, but only when consumed as part of a varied diet. It should never be assumed to be that single silver bullet. If only dietary health were so simple.

This is simply because pomegranate juice can only do so much for your body. Like most things you eat or drink, it should be consumed in moderation. For one thing, most fruit juices contain sugars and are usually acidic. Pomegranate juice in large amounts might upset your stomach’s delicate acidity balance, causing issues like heartburn.

You should also keep an eye on the sugar content of your pomegranate juice. The last thing you would want is an excessively sugary brand of pomegranate juice. It gives you a short-term boost, before it burns off and your blood sugar level falls again. See pomegranate juice as something to tide you over until a subsequent meal during the day.

As with all matters related to digestion, your stomach is one of the most sensitive organs in your body. You should know when you’ve had the vital nutrients you need to get you through the day. Pomegranate juice has many tangible benefits to your digestion.

But in order to Drink Pomegranate really feel the change, you need to be eating the right things. To begin you’re curious to learn more about the juice from this unusual and incredible fruit. Take a look at some of our other pieces of content on the subject. Get a full overview of the qualities that make pomegranates something of a super fruit.

Is it good to have during pregnancy?

Pomegranate juice during pregnancy promises to stop preeclampsia, preterm birth, and growth restriction. There is one more research study found that the juice of it limits the injury in human placenta tissue. The juice is rich in polyphenolic antioxidants –a compound that conserves against cell death. It reduces stress and death with Drinking Pomegranate of human fetal and placental cells. The research study states. When the cells were exposed to a low oxygen atmosphere or chemicals that stimulate low oxygen. They survived more frequently when exposed to pomegranate juice as compared to sugar placebo.

Not just this, drinking pomegranate juice also can improve brain development and connectivity in unborn babies. The survey published in the journal One related its preliminary findings from a clinical trial of expectant mothers . Those babies were diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction

 A baby in the womb is smaller than its gestational age. This happens because of issues with the placenta, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus.

The study enrolled 78 mothers with IUGR diagnosed at 24-43 weeks gestation. These women got 250 ml of pomegranate juice daily or a calorie matched placebo, which was polyphenol free. The team has assessed various characteristics of brain development and injury, including infant brain macrostructure, microstructural organization, and functional connectivity. While the team didn’t observe differences in brain microstructure. They did find regional differences in substantia alba microstructure and functional connectivity.

These measures tell us how the brain is developing functionally. There was no difference in brain growth and baby growth. But an improvement was seen within the cabling network. Also in brain development measured by synchronous blood flow and visual development of the brain.

Advantages & Scientific evidence

1. A natural fertility booster

There’s another hidden benefit to the red fruit. Pomegranates have rich antioxidant content. They can lower oxidative stress levels within the body. Drinking Pomegranate Oxidative stress is linked to sperm dysfunction. Also as decreased fertility in women. Studies are underway to know other potent benefits it’s going to carry for the genital system.

Apart from this, pomegranates could also power up your sex life. The fruit can extend testosterone levels, the steroid hormone in both men and ladies . It also increases blood flow to the genital region.

2. Antioxidants

The bright red color of pomegranate comes from polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. In truth, pomegranate juice contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other fruit juices.

3. Vitamin C

The juice of a pomegranate contains 40% of our daily dose of vitamin C . Prefer fresh juice, or make it yourself to urge the maximum amount as possible.

4. Cancer prevention

In a recent studies pomegranate juice can help prevent the event of prostatic adenocarcinoma cells. The results are still in the early stages. More research is required, but they’re certainly excellent and promising news.

5. Alzheimer’s disease protection

Juice antioxidants can delay the event of Alzheimer’s and protect our memory. A recent study showed that daily consumption of juice can improve memory.

6. Better digestion

Pomegranate juice can reduce inflammation within the gutan. It also improves the function of the gastrointestinal system. This might significantly help patients with regional enteritis, colitis, and other inflammatory bowel diseases. There are not any unanimous conclusions yet on whether the juice helps with diarrhea. Or if it makes it worse. But most doctors recommend not consuming it until it stops.

7. Anti-inflammatory action

Due to the high concentration of antioxidants, pomegranate juice has anti-inflammatory action throughout the body, protecting against oxidative stress.

8. Arthritis

Flavones in pomegranate juice can stop the inflammation related to osteoarthritis and joint cartilage damage. At an equivalent time, research is being done to seek out. If the juice can help patients with osteoporosis, atrophic arthritis , and other sorts of arthritis.

9. Cures Heart disease

Pomegranate juice is one of the simplest juices for our heart health. Small-scale studies have shown that it improves blood flow. It also protects arteries from hardening. But you would like to take care because it can react with certain vital signs and cholesterol medications. Ask your doctor first if you’re taking this medication.

10. Arterial pressure

Juice can help lower systolic vital signs. There is a need for more research against diseases. It contains vitamin C. Other nutrients that strengthen the system like vitamin E and may help prevent colds and other infections. Lots of vitamins In addition to vitamins E and C. Pomegranate juice may be a good source of vitamin K, vitamin Bc, and potassium.

11. Sexual performance and fertility

Juice antioxidants fight, as we said, oxidative stress, and can, therefore, help with fertility. Oxidative stress can damage sperm. It reduces fertility in women. There’s also the likelihood of accelerating testosterone levels in men and ladies .

12. Better performance within the gym too

Juice can help to reduce post-workout soreness and regain strength faster .

13. Helps to fight Prostate cancer

Pomegranate may help fight prostatic adenocarcinoma. Prostate cancer may be a common sort of cancer in men. Preliminary evidence indicates that pomegranate juice is often useful in men with prostatic adenocarcinoma. It potentially inhibites cancer growth and lowering the danger of death.

Laboratory studies suggest that pomegranate extract may slow neoplastic cell reproduction and even induce apoptosis, or necrobiosis, in cancer cells. The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) may be a blood marker for prostatic adenocarcinoma. Men whose PSA levels double during a short period of your time are at an increased risk of death from prostatic adenocarcinoma. Interestingly, a person’s study found that drinking 8 ounces (237 ml) of pomegranate juice per day increased the PSA doubling time from 15 months to 54 months — a monumental increase.


Effect Of Enzymes

The enzymes present in pomegranate can hinder the functioning of certain enzymes present within the liver. If you’re on any specific medication for liver disorders consult your doctor before consuming the sprout or its juice.

2. High Sugar Content

Though it fights diabetes pomegranate may be a preventive food if you’re affected by diabetes. Then stand back from pomegranate because it features a high content of sugar.

3. High Calories

If you’re on a diet and by watching your calorie intake then avoid baking this fruit or its juice. Pomegranate adds up calories to the plate it also can cause weight gain.

4. Digestive disorders

The excessive consumption of this fruit causes many disorders. A number of them are nausea vomiting abdominal pain and diarrhoea. But these symptoms usually subside after a couple of hours. Excessive consumption of pomegranate also can irritate the alimentary canal.

5. Pomegranate Allergies

Consumption of this fruit also causes many symptoms that cause allergy. These symptoms are Painful swallowing, Rashes hives, Facial swelling, Difficulty in breathing, pain, and swelling within the mouth.

How much pomegranate do you have to eat a day?

Now as you’re conscious of the many health benefits of pomegranate & pomegranate seeds. Alongside the several side effects, it’s time to understand the daily recommended dose of pomegranate. The individual should eat 2 cups of pomegranates fruit per day.

Final verdict

The importance of pomegranate in our diets can’t be denied. it’s a delicious fruit with multiple benefits. Pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods on the earth, full of nutrients and powerful plant compounds. This also helps build immunity and aids in weight loss. It can add a tangy flavor to your food without harmful chemicals and excessive calories.

They have wide-ranging benefits. It should help reduce your risk of varied serious illnesses, including heart condition, cancer, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. There are multiple phytonutrients and plant compounds that are hardly present in other fruits, like the presence of Punicalgin. What’s more, they’ll boost your memory and exercise performance. If you would like to reap the various health benefits pomegranates need to offer. Either eat or directly or drink pomegranate juice.


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