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Is Drinking Dairy Milk Good For Losing Belly Fat | Milk Or Curd Benefits

Ultimately, Milk doesn’t need any sort of brief introduction. Like the grandma’s old remedy for inflammation “ A glass of warm milk with added turmeric, build-ups a strong immune system keeps us energetic all day. Adding on a daily diet all sorts of enriched dairy products, like curd, yogurt, paneer, cheese, etc. There’s no compromising in the nutrients-rich quality of milk made overwhelming. Although, these Milk dairy products also used in cosmetic make-up industries. Plenty of benefits of drinking dairy milk exist, which you’ll find-out quickly at the end of this article. However today’s main thing it’s all about fat-loss.

How this Milk and other dairy products help you out soon in the process of fat-loss.

Very-own first thing comes whenever Milk and other products come out in my mind. It’s all about Whey protein, which is essential to build-up lean muscle mass within our Body and burn-fat regular. Likely if you’re male and planning to lose fat it’s important first you’ve to work-out intensely. Later on, post-workout it’s mandatory to consume this whey protein or other dairy products.

While Whey protein is known for rapid fast digestion. Absorption level is so quick than Egg, plant, or other sorts of protein sources.  The Milk’s Whey protein tops all when it comes to the protein source category. There are no side effects in regards if you’re having a lactose issue inside drinking dairy milk. 

Drinking Dairy milk

(Some research studies conducted where there were two obese individuals. One individual stick on a dairy products diet such as Milk and fat-free cheese and others stayed normal clean diet )

Drinking Dairy Milk Products

Surprisingly the fact, the results were significantly shocking. Individual one who had stayed on dairy products diet has gained. Moreover, lean muscle mass and drops some body fat percentage. The majority of the stubborn fat was gone from the belly side. Whereas other individuals lost quite fat within their body. But then didn’t build enough muscle as compared to the first Individual.

Although they both stay the same calories numbers. So the final outcome is increasing dairy products intake in a limited quantity. Drinking dairy milk likely the daily protein intake will be around 50 grams maximum for males and 40 grams for females. If you’re planning out to start the workout by Adding dairy products in the post-meal. Well, don’t forget to add some carbs as well!

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As mentioned above that Milk it’s not only about whey protein. The secondary essential micro-nutrient a glass of milk contains is Calcium. The role of calcium crucial within the body by birth itself. Because the deficiency of calcium main leads to weakening the bone structure. Added out Milk strengthens bones, joints, and even teeth strong and healthy. Even while it comes to fat-loss absorbs all unwanted calories in a limited amount. While still beneficial overall

Drinking Dairy Milk

Likely what about Organic milk, Almond milk?

These dairy products play an enormous role in figuring out the fat it has already in. But then choosing the proper once it’s mandatory likely which one often suits you. While planning for adding out only drinking dairy Milk in your diet. Thus it’s frequently great, you’ll a variety of options in terms of Milk in your nearest grocery store. If you prefer to buy milk which contains Full-fat, Low-fat, and even Organic. Whatever that’s depends on you.

So if you’re planning out to choose a Milk that has Full-fat content also known as rich saturated fat. Hence if you’re consuming a limited amount it’s safe. The problem comes if something is excessive. Here comes to Full-fat milk, In excessive intake ultimately you might have some cardiovascular issues. In regards, your Heart arteries will be clogged within a period of time and later on triggering out inflammation. In my personal opinion, I’ll rather choose fat-free instead of fat-full Milk.

Dairy milk advantages

Some grass-fed cows, let’s be real not all in India. If you’re already someone who has lactose intolerance then you go ahead with Almond, Organic, or even coconut milk. Which is low in terms of calorie numbers and fulfilled micro-nutrients as potassium, added vitamins with a higher level of protein. Although it’s quite expensive than normal fat full or fat-free skimmed Milk.

Let’s go short simple 5 points and Benefits of Drinking Dairy Milk towards weight loss

Weight loss milk

1. Complete source of protein

A regular 250 ML glass of Milk contains a maximum of 7-8.5 grams of protein. Likely as mentioned right above how significant is Milk “Whey protein” adding in your regular or after post-workout. It surely boosts your metabolism rate, helps in terms of recovery, builds up lean muscle mass.

2. Enriched source of calcium

Protein Milk also contains a great source of Calcium, which is the main factor of the fat-loss process. Some studies claimed that Calcium contains an Adipose cell, which helps out to increase to metabolism rate.

3. A low-calorie drink

After all of you’re planning for the calorie deficit. Then Milk might be a great option after it’s a low-calorie drink. It has only 149 per glass of 250ML. If your planning to go lower in calories then you can go ahead with Almond Milk

4. Control cravings

If you’re not able to control all those junk food cravings from Pizza to burgers while fat-loss dieting. Thus you must consider adding a glass of Milk regularly I’m your daily diet which not get gives other benefits. Also released out some Peptide YY hormones within the body, Which end-up reducing hunger.

5. Alongside with Milk have a balanced diet.

Planning-out only Milk in your fat-loss diet isn’t enough, you won’t be achieving your goals. So rather than milk, you have to maintain a completely balanced diet which is very crucial. Like protein, carbs, and fat balancing it, these all will add more Advantage

Milk or Curd which is better for weight loss using Dairy milk

Curd or Milk

Let’s say if you’re someone who’s not comfortable drinking milk, other dairy products exist likely I’ve mentioned above. Not everyone can consume milk all the time and let’s ditch about yogurt, exceptional cheese. Let’s go to Curd, which eventually is the best option if you’re suffering from lactose intolerance. Because curd is a by-product of Milk. Ultimately if your planning to go for yogurt. Make sure it’s natural home-made not from a grocery store. While it contains a huge amount of artificial flavors and mainly sugar.

Firstly most people think there’s a huge difference between Milk and Curd. To be honest there are no vast, only minor differences you’ll end up finding. Therefore both come under dairy products, however lately even here like milk you’ll find several types of curds eg. Sugar-free ones. Hence their end of number various benefits from both Milk and curd. Choosing out which better it’s hard, finding out healthier might be a great option.

  • Curd
Curd Weight Loss

Consuming curd might be great for snacks also adding on into your weight-loss diet. Because the protein content Keeps your tummy full throughout the day might forget about craving all junkies . If you’ll make some mistakes while adding this on your current diet. Instead of weight-loss you’ll end-up gaining . Likely above mentioned for a Milk , even here it’s has own varieties like artificial flavoured Curd, fat-free, sugar-free.

Having-out its own texture and taste. Simpler to digest as compared to Milk. It contains good bacteria which is great if you’re suffering from the alimentary canal or stomach ulcers. Although curds are mostly consumed alongside regular meals and sometimes separately.

Let’s see some Nutritional facts about Curd- unlikely a cup Milk and a Curd. You’ll find protein quantity more in curd around 3 or 4 grams. Additional with lower calories around 90 to 100, with added Vitamins B-12 to A. Other micro-nutrients like calcium, sodium, Magnesium lastly Potassium.

Calories counting  and Measuring portion

Come on don’t be lazy. Wake-up take a note and use your phone and start calculating the calories of your daily diet. Let’s go straightforward when comes to curd. Most packed once will often mislead consumers by claiming as low in terms of calories. Also in protein and some with added artificial flavored once.

Better to buy some regular Unflavored once. Which as more calories and high-protein content you must go forward to it. Therefore make sure you’ll measure the quantity I meant to say portion whenever you eat-up alongside with meal or separately. My personal advice is better to buy the container once because you will end up consuming it like ice cream. So better to stick with a normal regular size bowl.

Unflavored once and Fat-free

I’ve seen people out there purchasing all artificial flavored once in the grocery store. But in my personal opinion, you should always prefer Unflavored plain once. Even though few people add on some flavors like honey or strawberry syrup, dry fruits on their curd. Ultimately being their addiction, causing out sometimes acidity.

No doubt these both will slow down your weight-loss process due to increased calories. Selecting Fat-free curd will be the best choice and with 0 sweetened. Make sure you’ll see the label and check well every time you purchase the curd or yogurt for you 

Final verdict

Strawberry Weight loss

A glass of Milk might be attractive even as a bowl of cud. But there’s not much difference like I’ve mentioned everything in depth about both Milk and Curd. So it depends on yourself again what you choose accordingly,

In my opinion, and personal experience even. I’ve got sugar and lactose intolerance I would rather choose Curd instead of regular Milk. While it’s helped on muscle building and great for your stomach as well. Almost contain vitamins and minerals. Later in the end side, both Curd and Milk healthy are effective for the weight-loss process. Provided various health benefits

if your someone who’s suffering from lactose deficiency, arthritis, and lung diseases like Asthma should avoid Curd. Because it’s a cold item although.

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