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Best Women Weight Loss Tips || Which workout is best?

The best workout comes from the best health routine and diet. According to research, the best workout time is morning time. As the mind and soul are free from any kind of stress. At that time after a good 8 hours of sleep, freshness comes from within. And don’t forget that being regular & consistent is the key to that. In order to lose fat efficiently, you must be active for at least 5-6 hours a week. While also making sure you give your body enough time to recover. Women Weight loss might take along time. If we will not make a goal to get fit we cannot achieve it. For achieving anything we must set a desired goal for the same. Do cheat once a weak also so that your immune system is adapted to some spices and sugar content.

So here are some gradually increasing weight loss exercises:-

1.) Cardio exercises:

Women Weight Loss Tips - Which workout is best?
Cardio exercises

The functioning of all the joints is necessary. So running, swimming, skipping, cycling, push-ups, stair climbing helps in gradually reducing weight from all over the body. It also strengthens or boosts your energy level. Preferably these exercises have proved for losing calories at a higher level.

2) Weight lifting exercises

Women Weight Loss Tips
Weight lifting exercises

Coming second in the list for weight loss but it also does wonders if done correctly and with good indeed time. Gaining more amount of muscles keeps your body burning fat. Strength training is considered better in helping people lose belly fat. As aerobic exercise turns to burn both fat and muscle, weight lifting burns fat exclusively.  

Reverse lunge with right leg (Reps 10* 3 sets) Reverse lunge with left leg (Reps 10 * 3 sets), Behind-neck push press (Reps 10 * 3 sets), Back squat (Reps 10*3 sets), Front Squat(Reps 10* 3 sets), One leg squat(10*3 sets) with both right and left leg as well. Pull-ups & push up(Reps 10*3 sets), Push Press(stretching one leg towards the front with the body also in the front and other legs towards backward) repeating the same with another leg with each leg (Reps 10*2 sets).

3) Balancing exercises/yoga:

Women Weight Loss Tips
Balancing exercises/yoga

Practicing and improving balance improves mental health too and also improves flexibility. Important for old People as well as adults as it can strengthen the body’s core and help prevent falls at an early age. Here are some good balance exercises: Heel-to-toe walking, standing on one foot (i.e. Surya namaskar) helps in boosting metabolism, rising the body a little upwards, and stretching it towards backward helps in strengthening waist and also helps small intestine and large intestine in staying healthy. These exercises help in having a flexible body and thus help in staying fit.

Along with all these exercises, women have to take good care of their diet. It also helps in reducing fat, avoiding stress, and taking enough amount of sleep also helps in staying fit.

Also, make sure if you are doing weight loss more cardio and weight lifting exercises then don’t forget to include protein supplements in your diet. As your body muscles need a good amount of protein at this point in time. Not taking these supplements can even weaken your muscles. Try to include low-fat high protein products. If a non-vegetarian do include egg in your diet as a breakfast meal.

Remember, breakfast is the most efficient meal for women’s weight loss of the day. So always try to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Always drink warm water early morning on an empty stomach with lemon, soaked chia seeds, or ginger. This helps reducing weight fast and also removing excess fat and toxins from the body.

After 2-3 hours of lunch have green tea so your digestion goes smooth. After each meal tries to drink water after ½ hour. Always try not to include fat dairy products in your diet. Have non-veg food once a week. And the most crucial part of a workout is drinking an ample amount of water. So your remains hydrated and toxins are removed continuously. 

“Don’t be a couch potato” this definitely is also of much importance always try not to sit in one position for hours as it not only affects your body shape but also make u a lazy shit, in always try to take short physical naps as u can jump, dance, etc. Try to have dinner by 6-7 pm as our body needs 3-4 for proper digestion. And if foot not digested well it deposits at fat and also it causes acidity problems and other digestion problems.

Some Beneficiary Foods for Extra Energy

And guys if you ever think about doing an intense workout, where will this extra energy come from then need not worry. As our body stores energy in a cell called mitochondria which does its work when needed. Exercises not only help in shielding fat but also prepares our body for today and tomorrow indeed.

It’s just like giving water to a seed regularly helps in having a green and healthy plant for the future. Thus, we humans also work on the same basis. Staying healthy today will help with our adulting. Do take a break from healthy food and also do take a break from exercises but only once a week.

Now talking about some of the foods that permit high energy and has less fat present in your diet.

Leafy vegetables: – vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale are rich sources of vitamin c and provide high functionality in the body. These dark leafy vegetables promote proper blood clotting. Having a salad that includes spinach, kale(additional), watermelon seeds, vinegar or lemon juice, capsicum, a pinch of salt. In a little bit of olive oil, sauté these all at medium flame for 5 mins, and tada your healthy food is ready. 

Avocado: – Having an avocado a day lowers your risk of bad cholesterol. Because these fruits have high nutrients present and do not contain sodium. Having bad cholesterol may give rise to heart diseases.

Beans: – Being high content in protein, beans are with healthy nutrients like B vitamins and potassium.  Eating beans on a daily basis can reduce the body’s blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. Beans reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease.

Dates: – Dates have been a rich source of potassium. Dates play a vital role in managing blood pressure. It may also help cut levels of fats in the blood associated with heart attacks and strokes. Dates are high in natural sugar.

Berries: there’s nothing more refreshing when it comes to berries.  A bowl full of berries is simply mouth-watering and also along with perfectness it is nutritious too. A recent study published in Science Daily, states that consuming three or more servings of strawberries and blueberries per week helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks in women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s by as much as one-third. Berries can be eaten raw or in the form of shakes (effects great when taken with chia seeds).

DryFruits:- taking dry fruit on a daily basis sustains energy in the body. Each dry fruit has different types of goodness along with some fibrous energy sources. The body especially the women needs more Energy to manage household chores along with work. Munching dry fruits instead of some junk is always a better idea but make sure that it should be taken the right amount. Having 3 soaked almonds,4 cashews, little walnut keeps u all day going. Soaked raisins water is beneficial in reducing weight.


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