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Best 10 Treatment options for thicker eyebrows 2020

Well if you’re having thick lashes & eyebrows naturally are absolutely adored. Greatly developed lashes and brow complete your face look. They are an important feature of your face. Eyelashes and the eyebrows are thicker. They gives out the sweetness in the eyes. If your having thick eyebrows, you can shape according to your style and look.

To be honest thin and light eyelashes and brows frequently might look slightly not that elegant. But then you’ve got enough makeup to cover up those light and weaken lashes and brows. If you want to thicken up your lashes and  eyebrows. Start by opting following up some natural remedies or eyebrows growth oils, some chemicals based exist. But then chemical once sometimes might harm your skin or eye. It depends on you’re choosing which treatment you wanted to choose

Here are the Top 10 best treatments

1. Castor oil

thicker eyebrows

An ancient remedy from generations when comes to moisture and re-growth of the hair. No needed to worry about anything it works the same with your lashes & eyebrows. It’s available in any grocery or the medical stor. Thicker eyebrows and this thick oil is inexpensive. It’s easy to use although it’s has good source fatty acids, protein even vitamin. It also combines with antioxidant properties that reactive your hair follicles

  •  Easy to use just take a cotton ear bud dip inside castor oil. Or you can use you’re finger tip and massage it well. Do that on all the areas of your eyebrows on day time or before bed. You’ll some great results within 3 or 5 weeks, stay consistent better do this procedure everyday .

2. Egg yolk

thicker eyebrows

Eggs are the rich vibrant source of protein and even biotin, the yolk which as a high amount of biotin which boosts the growth of your brows. just like the castor oil, it contains anti- properties, which again shows up the results of the brows or lashes within 2 weeks.

  • Easy to use  I would suggest you to make egg yolk pack which is quite easy, apply it using your finger tips or ear buds on eyebrows completely then later just Leave it for about 20 maximum, then rinse it .

3. Coconut Oil

thicker eyebrows

After egg yolk method, you can use coconut oil. It’s an alternative after the Castor oil. Although the coconut has fatty acids around, vitamin E, some protein as well which helps out moistures up, the eyebrows hair and prevents up while breaking up. later on its boost up the growth, makes out thicker .

Easy to use You can apply it over on your eyebrows every day, you’ll see some changes within 3 to 4 weeks and massage it using you’re finger tips.

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4. Onion Juice

thicker eyebrows

Regular onion contains lots of anti-properties from vitamin B to C and even minerals .which helps out to grow thicker hair eyebrows hair. Those minerals enhances and strengthens up the hair follicles.

Easy to use – take an onion chopped down in pieces and blended over the mixer or in grinder juice and pour up and filter up the juice at last to be honest, the smell of juice is bitter, better squeezed up some lemon juice to remove out the smell. Again use an ear bud or use your fingertip apply this fresh onion juice on your eyebrows every alternative days. If you’re using on day time keep for 20 min and rinse up or in the night time you can leave it .

5. Aloe Vera

thicker eyebrows

Aloe Vera contains an anti-properties such as protein and aloenin, has it’s own nutrients  which boosts your eyebrow hair growth and prevents from breakages, the aloe gel is non sticky as well because its dry up easily .

Easy to use – plug the Aloe Vera, remove the gel and blended over in a grinder properly enough then later stored up in container and keep on cool place use up soon because it’ll have bad smell later .

6. Milk

thicker eyebrows

Milk commonly maintains plenty of protein and casein, few anti properties, often used in cosmetic skin products, which helps out to grow you’re eyebrows hair again .

Easy to useapply some drops over your eyebrows for 15-20 min, later rinse it

7. Stay hydrated

thicker eyebrows

Staying hydrated its mandatory completing your daily water in take maximum 7 to 10 glasses , is great for your overall health. It boosts and helps you out  eliminate all the harmful toxic stuffs from your body every time you go Washroom it’ll give you a lot benefits even enhance eyebrow hair growth as well

8. Massage

Some studies found out massaging your eyebrows regular or every alternative days is a decent way to improve eyebrow growth along with use early methods which I’ve mentioned . Easy to do  start massaging the eyebrow side area around with Castor oil for 15 minutes everyday. Don’t go hard,  Eventually this will boost blood circulation in the eyebrow  

9. Reduce stress

Stress has prevailed immediately linked to hair loss rapid it’s my personal experience even some, research studies found out this. To handle this thus it’s easy don’t take stresses and have a quality good sleep also

10. Using a eyebrow hair growth enhancer

GrowBrow Bella Vita Organic lashes and eyebrows growth serum

Features and details about this eyebrow hair growth product.

  • It’s beneficial for your hair growth and reinforces your hair to grow and lessens breaking up the hair, battles up with the  follicle infection, retains thick eyelashes and eye brows
  • Made of natural ingredients : eyebrow  growth added vitamin e, honey Vanilla fragrance,  brahmi bringraj, onion amla sunflower and castor oil
  • How to use : before applying this serum wash up your face properly and start applying a tiny layer on the roots of the hair using the brusher. Best time apply before bed .

Follow up these healthy habits


This is significant as it influences you’re physical appearance and internal organs as well, better start Eating up healthy foods filled with vitamins B to k14 and protein to enhance hair growth,  boosts you’re sharp thick brows and lashes and you use some essential oils rose, lavender or lemon some drops over to increase your eyebrow hair

  • Avoid chemical lotions & plugging up if your already having thin eye brows .

Every time you’ll apply lotions or creams make sure don’t apply on you’re brows, its contains a lot chemicals that’s stops the growth of you’re eyebrow and lashes, later if you’re already having thin eye brow don’t plug over, sometimes those hair follicles won’t grow back


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