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One of the best and the active super fruit is strawberry. It has many health benefits. This is one of the best fruit that one can eat or make strawberry tea or juice for a regular purpose. It has numerous reasonable nutrients required for maintaining a healthy life. In addition, it enables you to battle up numerous infectious diseases.  Thus, here are some of the advantages that may feel from eating out all strawberries for a formal purpose.

They’re recognized as a promising source of dietary fiber and are replenished with strong nutrients. These nutrients are also known for occurring the best aspect for furnishing good fitness and various benefits for promoting it.

Strawberry tea

Also, Strawberry leaves contain vitamins that are beneficial for arthritis. Even it has alkaloids bio-molecules tannins, proteins, amino acids, and other blends. These other blends have a lower pH level that may position additional load on your digestive system. These leaves help relieve a distressed stomach, and lessening up bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, and even diarrhea.

Prepare strawberry tea at home recipe

Strawberry juice

Even you can prepare your own strawberry tea at home it’s quite simple  provided you needed some dried strawberry leaves.

Commonly I like to prepare a natural syrup when it reaches to the fruit sweet teas.  However, for strawberry  tea there is zero entirely like keeping that raw strawberry juice blasting through this powerful distinction


  1. A cup ripe fresh strawberries which make out the only a cup of juice
  2. Add sugar if it’s necessary. Later on, 1 cup dried strawberry leaves, 4  cups water, and some tea bags preferable, 1 half tsp honey optional.


To make this strawberry ice tea, 

  • Blended up both water and the raw ripe juice in a juice container. Also, add dried strawberry leaves, then later boiled up separately.
  • Spill up the hot water over the leaves for 15 minutes.
  • Later on, strain out the leaves and serve it  warm

If want iced tea then better pour the tea over the cold ice cubes. Store in the freezer for some  half hour .

 Top scientific health benefits from Strawberry juice

Strawberries come especially in the winter. But has jacked with heavy nutrients on it you’ve to include on your daily diet. Looking at the current condition it’s mandatory to boost the immune system of your body. Because these contain more Vitamin C content than orange. Hence it enables you out to boost your immunity and battle out viral infections.

Only one cup of strawberries it’s enough to boost out. Also, it’s safe for diabetes patients which contains lessen quantity glycaemic level. It is better to have a limited quantity. Although it’s better than other fruits contains up high fiber content that helps to keep your stomach healthy. In addition, help out relieving constipation. This tea also helps in metabolism boost, thus helping with weight loss efforts.

1. Better for oral health

If you end up eating all junk food or black coffee consistently the next day morning. Then you’ll have a yellow-stained bad tooth. To clear it out you should prefer eating out strawberries without any need for dentist medicines. Later on, you’ll have while teeth complete, all you’re yellow-stained has vanished out. Due to a good amount of Vitamin C, which has shown up removing plagues from your teeth. If you consistently use up strawberries, your teeth will end up being white and clean.

2. Strengthening  cardiovascular system

A vast number of people die in the world because of Cardiovascular issues. Strawberries have no saturated or unsaturated fat on them so no chances of cholesterol. It has also only 0.2 gm on it which is eventually good fat again. Better to add up strawberry to a daily diet and your heart diseases will be lessened considerably. Because again it has some good acids which end up lessens up the percentage of unhealthy cholesterol levels. It also contains vitamin C that takes advantage of a key role in enhancing up blood vessels in our body. Within the high antioxidant (anthocyanin, flavonoids, catechin, quercetin)  levels keeps your heart healthy more.

3. Removes Acne Problems

Get some Strawberries mashed up well enough in the bowl. Paste-up later you’re DIY mask is ready to apply. This is very effective for the skin. Some benefits are Lessening Hyperpigmentation, Preventing Acne, and even dead Skin Cells. As an outcome, you’ll have clear glowing fresh skin. If you’re planning out to do some chemical facial on you’re face later on. These forms strong pimples and acne, because of the heat and steam if you taking up regularly. The DIY Strawberry mask contains Ellagic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxyl Acid.

4. Prevents from allergy  and asthma

Numerous studies have found that strawberries are the best way to prevent out from allergy and even asthma. Iif you’re having already then have it with the medicines

5. Boosts Immunity

Well, it’s 2020 filled out with the pandemic scenario. So immunity booster is a must. Well, you can try out eating strawberries also because it’s filled out with a great source of vitamin C . Like we all know it’s boost our body’s immune system, which enables our body to battle any viral infections. The nutritional facts of per serving of strawberry has better vitamin C content than a full lemon or orange as well as Vitamin C.

6. Prevents Cancer

Research studies also have proven  that the strawberries  antioxidants maintains up great ability to fight against the diseases like  tumour or cancer and tumour development. If you’ll daily eat up strawberries like a bowl , also occurring correlated to a harsh deduction in the development of metastasis  cancer cells also.

7. Improves the Brain Function

Some research studies prove out if you’ll start eating out one bowl of strawberries every day or alternative days, then is an enormous stress reliever and it enhances your mood because they help out to release some happy hormones within our body, therefore strawberry boosts your memory power and focus levels in day to day work routine.

8. Anti-ageing Properties

Began again, the direction of the harmful sun rays and air pollution is occurring in our skin damage even aging due these much.  These strawberries have a lot of anti-aging properties that eventually help out reducing the damage as well as even aging because they are enriched with antioxidants named Anthocyanin and Phenolic. These fight up all against building the dead cells and repairs it out, improving skin later on.

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